Global Leaders Internship Programme

Nowadays a study abroad placement or internship is accepted as the most effective way to develop your language skills with practical hands-on experience. However, when it comes to developing young leaders Mundi has taken this concept and made it much, much more interesting. Mundi has partnered with the Institute of Leadership and Management and Erasmus+ to develop a programme that gets you out on assignments that solve challenging problems in the real world.


Starting in June 2016, Mundi interns will jet off to Nottingham, UK to spend three months working with other young people from Europe on an issue of global concern. You will explore health policy, education, gender equality, climate change, migration and citizenship; gone are the days of pontificating from the comfort of your living room sofa about what you would do if you were in charge, whilst watching it on the news. You get the chance to deepen your understanding of how the world works, how to lead a project, how to manage people and to make change happen.


Nottingham has a thriving charity, community and voluntary sector that run millions of pounds worth of public services to improve the life chances of its 300,000 citizens. You will be based at the Mundi Global Education office in the heart of the city. Mundi interns will be working with organisations tackling problems ranging from social care, education, asylum seekers, to arts, sports and the environment. Teams of six will be working on individual projects for different non-profit organisations. Each team has, at its disposal, a mentor and guide for the entire trip, as well as support from Mundi staff in the event that something goes awry (which let’s face it, it very likely will).


Mundi have established relationships with community organisations and, subsequently, projects around Nottingham City so that you will have interesting policy issues to work on. We have prepared materials on the history of the city, economic profiles, etiquette and customs and even a summary of the latest national and regional news so that you are aware of the current issues on the day your flight touches down. You will spend three months working in cross cultural teams, generating ideas, taking action and showing how your input can be sustainable. After the programme you can stick around to travel with your new friends and see all that the UK has to offer (and yes, of course we will take you to Sherwood Forest where Robin Hood once roamed with his merry men!).


As well as a fantastic experience, Mundi interns can accredit their learning and gain a leadership qualification. The Institute of Leadership and Management is Europe’s largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications. The Award for Young Leaders is designed for young people between 14 and 24 years who are actively engaged in structured learning within a group or community. The aim of the award is to help develop a range of skills and behaviours in leadership, self-management and mentoring, alongside an appreciation of the benefits that can be gained through social action.  This is no ordinary internship programme. It’s a learning experience you will never forget. Join us.


To apply for a intership programme, please send your CV and covering letter to or use the contact menu below for general enquiries.

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