About Us

For over twenty seven years, MUNDI has been enriching the learning experience of pupils, students and lifelong learners through its high-quality training, innovative projects and comprehensive resource library. We believe that education in the 21st century should make learning relevant to some of the key issues of our time such as climate change and world poverty. Our aim is to enable education providers to become sites for global learning and beacons of excellence in education. 


In 2011 MUNDI was funded by DFID to deliver a major Global Youth work project. The aim of this project was to incorporate the principles of global education into youth work. The project worked directly with youth work practitioners from statutory and voluntary organisations in the Nottinghamshire area. The main objectives included developing practitioners’ understanding of global development issues and global education; increasing their awareness of global education resources for young people; and fostering their skills for delivering global youth work effectively. The ultimate beneficiaries were young people who developed their critical thinking skills and confidence to challenge inequalities, human rights abuses, and unsustainable practices locally and globally.


In 2013 MUNDI faced a funding crisis. A friendly takeover by a new board of trustees saw MUNDI rebrand and refocus to providing experiential learning programmes for young people. Concerned that young people in urban areas were losing their sense of connection to nature and with a strong desire to create experiences that multi-cultural communities could relate to, MUNDI sought to designed programmes where students could explore their own sense of global citizenship and learn how to protect our world.


Address: Unit T7, Lenton Business Centre, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 2BY

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Email: admin@mundi.org.uk

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote, through education, a critical awareness, understanding and knowledge of global development, citizenship and sustainability issues in order to enact change towards a more equitable sustainable world. MUNDI works in partnership with a variety of statutory and non-statutory organisations to support education practitioners in developing the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes of children and young people to enable them, as active global citizens, to critically engage with global issues and perspectives and promote equality.